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Advice Note for the evaluation of Nurseries


The issue of nurseries and their role in the audit process has been discussed within the FSC System for many years without conclusion. It was therefore part of the TOR for the P&C Working Group to develop and consult a proposal for this pending issue.The P&C Working Group agreed on a proposal for nurseries which is now embedded in the Explanatory Notes of the FSC Principles and Criteria Version 5.


This Advice Note has been drafted to integrate the proposal for nurseries agreed by the P&C Working Group into the FSC Normative Framework. The Advice Note serves also as a follow-up process to the draft FSC-ADV-30-102.

At the next scheduled revision of the Accreditation Standard FSC-STD-20-007, this Advice for the Evaluation of Nurseries (if approved) will be incorporated into the standard.

Further process

The Advice Note for the evaluation of Nurseries (FSC-ADV-20-07-17) was submitted for a public consultation period and the feedback received is currently being revised. 

As a result of this revision, a second draft of the Advice Note will be published for a second round of public consultation.