Consultation on Controlled Wood Interim Measures (closed)

FSC consulted a set of Advice notes between 23 May and 23 July 2013. The Advice notes are interim measures to be effective during the ongoing revision of the Controlled Wood system.

Changes introduced in the advice notes were intended to provide clarification and additional regulations to existing Controlled Wood-related standards.

FSC invited stakeholders to comment on following advice notes:

• ADVICE-20-001-XX Controlled Wood auditor qualifications
• ADVICE-40-004-XX Pre-consumer reclaimed wood compliance with timber legality
• ADVICE-40-004-XX Verification of controlled input materials
• ADVICE-40-005-07 Controlled Wood public summaries
• ADVICE-40-005-XX Stakeholder consultation

During the consultation period FSC gratefully received comments from a wide range of stakeholders. All comments were analyzed and used to inform decisions regarding the documents. A very short explanation of the resulting actions for each Advice note is given below. More detailed information on the comments received for each Advice note and FSC responses and further actions are outlined in the Consultation Report, available in the Downloads section.

ADVICE-20-001-XX Controlled Wood auditor qualifications will not be continued, and has instead been replaced by a Standard Interpretation (FSC-STD-20-001) to ensure uniform qualifications of auditors evaluating the implementation of the Controlled Wood standards at FMU level. The Standard Interpretation can be found here.

ADVICE-40-004-XX Verification of controlled inputs materials has been put on hold while issues are further investigated by FSC, due to polarized feedback received from stakeholders regarding the need for this Advice note.

ADVICE-40-004-XX Pre-consumer reclaimed wood compliance with timber legality was revised and has been consulted for a second time within the FSC CoC program. The FSC CoC program is currently reviewing the results of the consultation process and will be creating a final draft.

ADVICE-40-005-XX Stakeholder consultation has been revised based on the feedback received and will soon be re-released for a second round of consultation. The contents of the revised Advice note have also been added as an Annex to the National Risk Assessment Framework (NRAF), the second draft of which is currently being consulted.

ADVICE-40-005-07 Controlled Wood public summaries has been amended based on feedback and will be submitted to the FSC Board of Directors for Approval at a later date, together with ADVICE-40-005-XX Stakeholder consultation once it has been finalized due to the interrelation of these Advice notes. The contents of this Advice note have also been included in the revised Controlled Wood framework.


A Controlled Wood Strategy

FSC has announced the future development of a formal strategy for Controlled Wood to outline the scope and goals of the system for the next 10 years. Read more here!

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Now in high gear, the Controlled Wood revision process offers many opportunities for your participation – including two rounds of stakeholder consultation on the standard drafts.

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