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Consultation on Controlled Wood Interim Measures

The controlled Wood standard FSC-STD-40-005 aims to avoid the mixing of wood from 'unacceptable' source with FSC certified material during the production of FSC Mix Products. At the June 2011 General Assembly, the FSC Membership decided to review Controlled Wood system and passed 'Policy Motion 51: Strengthening the  Controlled Wood system' to make it more effective.

The revision process includes:

  • Development of FSC-approved National Risk Assessments to replace company-developed Risk Assessments for designating risk (developed according to the Annex 2 of the Controlled Wood standard) - the phase-out deadline is 31 December 2014
  • Review and revision of existing company-developed Risk Assessments, with appropriate action taken where needed
  • A revision of the Controlled Wood-related standards


FSC consulted a set of advice notes between 23 May and 23 July 2013. Those are interim measures to be effective during the ongoing general revision of the Controlled Wood system, according to Motion 51.
Changes introduced in the advice notes are intended to provide clarification and additional regulations to the existing Controlled Wood-related standards.

FSC invited stakeholders to comment on following advice notes:

  • ADVICE-20-001-XX Controlled Wood auditor qualifications
  • ADVICE-40-004-XX Pre-consumer reclaimed wood compliance with timber legality
  • ADVICE-40-004-XX Verification of controlled input materials
  • ADVICE-40-005-07 Controlled Wood public summaries
  • ADVICE-40-005-XX Stakeholder consultation

Currently received comments are being analyzed.

Get Involved!

Now in high gear, the Controlled Wood revision process offers many opportunities for your participation – including two rounds of stakeholder consultation on the standard drafts.

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Webinar recordings available!

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