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CW Technical Committee Meeting

The Controlled Wood Technical Committee Members met in Hong Kong to discuss contents of revised draft Controlled Wood documents.

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Controlled Wood Technical Committee

As per Motion 51, in November 2011 a chamber-balanced Controlled Wood Technical Committee was appointed by the FSC Board of Directors to provide strategic and technical input to the revision process of Controlled Wood System.

Members of the Technical Committee represent social, environmental and economic interests in their FSC chambers.

Members of CW Technical Committee

Environmental Chamber Economic Chamber
Judy Rodrigues (Greenpeace),
Sean Cadman (The Wilderness Society),
Miguel Pacheco Ganoza (WWF)
Anders Hildeman (IKEA),
Stewart Begg (SCA),
Kevin O'Grady (Pinnacle Consulting)
Social Chamber Expert Advisors
Martha Nunez (Independent Consultant),
Peter Wood (Independent Consultant),
Dwi Rahmad Muhtaman (Re.Mark Asia)
Sarah Harris (SCS),
Peter Feilberg (Nepcon),
Gary Dodge (FSC-US)
The technical Committee work is focused on reviewing drafts of all Control Wood-related documents that are under revision.

The main issues under consideration by Technical Committee members are:

I. Audits and sampling
II. Stakeholder consultation (for companies and CBs)
III. Stakeholder access to information
IV. Complaints mechanism
V. Determining and keeping records on district of origin
VI. Situations of ‘unspecified risk’ where Annex 3 may not be appropriate
VII. The five Controlled Wood categories
VIII. CB Controlled Wood Accreditation Standard

Get Involved!

Now in high gear, the Controlled Wood revision process offers many opportunities for your participation – including two rounds of stakeholder consultation on the standard drafts.

Got Feedback?

Contact Joanna Nowakowska at j.nowakowska at fsc point org

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Webinar recordings available!

To download webinar recordings related to consultation on revised Controlled Wood documents visit this website.