Ecosystem Services

Ecosystem Services (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.The overall objective of the Ecosystem Services Program is to increase the applicability and relevance of FSC certification for forest management activities focusing on the provision of ecosystem services.

Program activities

They include the strategic analysis and testing of existing as well as innovative approaches for FSC towards certification indicators, monitoring methodologies and reward mechanisms and bundles a number of previously unconnected projects and activities:

A cornerstone of the Program is the “Strategic Framework for an FSC Climate Change Engagement” that has been finalised in 2011 and will be implemented over the coming years.

It provides directions for the Secretariat on where and how to engage in the rapidly evolving sphere of climate projects, intergovernmental negotiations and forest carbon standards.

The multi-partner pilot project ForCES – Forest Certification for Ecosystem Services – will allow for further developing and testing the applicability and market potential of FSC certification for ecosystem services.

Mandated by a membership motion at the 2008 General Assembly, the Ecosystem Services Pro-gram will carry carries out a feasibility assessment for the viability of offering an adapted certification and accreditation system for forest conservation and forest protected areas.

Recognition of ecosystem services by FSC system

The increasing recognition of ecosystem services as an important forest function is reflected by a decision of the FSC membership in 2011 to include specific references to ecosystem services provision in the FSC Statutes and By-Laws .

Besides, the revised P&C now refer explicitly to ecosystem services by requiring forest managers to maintain, conserve and/or restore ecosystem services.

More Information

For more information on ForCES, please visit the ForCES website.

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