National Forest Stewardship Standards in Africa

AfricaAfrica harbours the second largest bloc of rainforest after Amazonia. It represents more than 15% (180 million hectares) of tropical forests. Over 90% of the 1.2 billion people living in extreme poverty depend on forests for some part of their livelihoods. The forest resource is also a major contributor to national income of most countries in the continent, notably countries in the Congo Basin Sub-region of Africa.

Conflicts between forest land use for timber, oil, mining, agriculture, wildlife, conservation and people requires that the resources are managed in a manner to benefit all interest groups while preserving the resource for future generation.

The Forest Stewardship Council has been active in the continent since 2003 with a regional presence in Accra and later in 2012, in the Congo Basin where a new Regional Office was opened in Yaoundé. Signs of responsible forest stewardship based on FSC internationally defined Principles and Criteria (P&C) first came up in 2005, with Koninklijke Houthandel G. Wijma & Zn. BV being the first company to certify some 41,000 Ha of their concession on FSC forest stewardship requirements. Since then, FSC certified area has been growing steadily in Africa. 
One among other major achievements of FSC in the continent is the very first regional forest stewardship standard in the history of FSC, that was approved in 2012 for five Countries of the Congo Basin. The standard and related annexes can be downloaded from the Congo Basin page of this website. Other existing and ongoing standard are found on the country pages of the particular country.

Please visit our update section of the website for information on general overview of FSC standards and draft standards that are in progress. For more inquiries contact Gordian Fanso at g.fanso at fsc point org or call 0049 228 367 66 46

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