National Standard: Republic of Congo

This standard sets out the required elements against which FSC accredited Certification Bodies (CBs) shall evaluate Forest Management (FM) practices within the Republic of Congo.

The FSC Principles and Criteria (P&C) for Forest Stewardship provide an internationally recognized standard for responsible forest management. However, any international standard for forest management needs to be adapted at a regional or national level in order to reflect the diverse legal, social and geographical conditions of forests in different parts of the world.

The FSC P&C therefore require the addition of indicators that are adapted to regional or national conditions in order to be implemented at the Forest Management Unit (FMU). The FSC P&C together with a set of such indicators approved by the FSC Policy and Standard Committee (PSC) constitute an FSC Forest Stewardship Standard (FSS).

This standard follows the requirements of FSC-STD-60-002 “Structure and content of forest stewardship standards” to improve consistency and transparency in certification decisions between different CBs in the Congo Basin region and thereby to enhance the credibility of the FSC certification scheme in the region as a whole.

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