FSC-STD-BOL-04-2000 Low Lands

The standards for voluntary forest certification in Bolivia herewith presented, have been prepared by a multidisciplinary-disciplinary group from the social, productive, environmental and technical areas related to the management of natural forests in the low lands, taking into account the conditions and particular local features of Bolivia. Their objective is to determine when forest management can qualify as environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and financially feasible, in order to be inserted in the international voluntary forest certification system.

FSC-STD-BOL-08-2002 Bolivia Standards for Brazil Nut

El Consejo Boliviano para la Certificación Forestal Voluntaria (Bolivian Council for Voluntary Forest Certification, or CFV) presents the eighth draft of the Bolivian Standards for Forest Management Certification of Brazil Nut (Bertholletia excelsa), product of a consultation process which started in early 1998, with the participation of representatives from several groups of interest, including processors, harvesters, manufacturers, peasants, community representatives, Forest Management Programs, and finally, Projects and organizations that work in the forest sector of the Bolivian Amazonia.

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