FSC-STD-BRA-01-2010 Brazil Natural Forest

It is widely accepted that forest resources and associated lands should be managed to meet the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations. Furthermore, growing public awareness of forest destruction and degradation has led consumers to demand that their purchases of wood and other forest products will not contribute to this destruction but rather help to secure forest resources for the future. In response to these demands,certification and self-certification programs of wood products have proliferated in the marketplace.

FSC-STD-BRA-03-2013 Brazil SLIMF

This standard shall be used in FSC timber & non-timber forest management certification audits, for traditional communities, indigenous peoples and small-scale producers in Brazil.

FSC-STD-BRA-01-2014 V1-0 EN Brazil Plantation

This standard arises from the interim standards of accredited certifiers in Brazil applied to evaluate forest plantations. This process of harmonization of the interim standards was designed to increase the reliability and uniformity of evaluations, also aiming at improving the public's understanding of the evaluation process.

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