Canadian Maritime Standards

The Maritime Regional Committee (MRC) of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the FSC members in the region offer this document as the latest version of forestry standards which have been designed to move the region toward forest and forestry sustainability - ecologically, economically, and socially. The document will continue to evolve as our knowledge, understanding, and experience increase; official revisions will be made every two years.

Canadan British Columbia

The FSC Regional Certification Standards for B.C. are intended for application throughout the province of British Columbia, except for the portion of northern B.C. where the National Boreal Standard applies. This Boreal area is defined by the presence of the Boreal White and Black Spruce (BWBS) and the Spruce Willow Birch (SWB) biogeoclimatic zones (roughly the area within the Boreal, Sub-arctic and Sub-arctic Highlands ecodivisions (see glossary for biogeoclimatic and ecoregional classifications).

Canadian Boreal

This Standard is intended to identify the practices to be employed in a well-managed Canadian boreal forest. The principles, criteria and indicators are to be met on the forest that is being considered for certification. However, for forests of all sizes, it will be necessary to consider a larger area, such as an ecoregion, when determining benchmarks and appropriate levels related to some indicators, particularly those that are relevant at a landscape level.

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