National Standards Update

Progress status of National Forest Stewardship Standards submitted for approval

The table in the download link below, will be updated to inform the public on assessment status of current FSC National Forest Stewardship Standards that are submitted for assessment and subsequent approval by the FSC Board of Director's Policy and Standards Committee. Visit regularly for update.
For any questions, contact the Policy and Standard Unit staff below.

Fon. Gordian Fanso
Policy Manager for FSC National Standards
FSC International
FSC International Center GmbHCharles de Gaulle Straße 5
53113 Bonn Deutschland/ Germany
Phone: +49 (0)228 367 66-46
Fax: +49 (0)228 367 66-30
Skype: fon10_works

Assessment and Approval Schedule of National Forest Stewardship Standards

To download the planning of assessment and approval of National Forest Stewardship Standards click on the file below. As this schedule is dependent on resource availability at national level it is not a fixed plan. Visit this section of the FSC website to download the most recent updates.

Approved National Forest Stewardship Standards with conditions

The FSC Policy and Standards Committee (PSC) makes decisions on National Forest Stewardship Standards (NFSS) as follows:

The NFSS is approved without conditions; in which case the Policy and Standards Unit(PSU) implements standard operating procedures to render the standard effective or

The NFSS is approved with minor amendments; in which case the PSU follows up with the respective Standard Development Group (SDG) to address the minor amendments and render the standard effective or

The PSC defers the decision making process to the FSC Board of Directors.

This section will be updated with status of NFSS post PSC decision.

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