Archived Processes

Information on closed development and review and revision processes provides stakeholders with insights into how normative documents were developed and revised.


This standard specifies the accreditation requirements for all certification bodies operating FSC certification programs.

Observers Procedure 

This procedure describes the requirements for participation of external observers in on-site FSC certificiation audits and / or ASI assessments. 

Group and Multi-site Chain of Custody

In September 2011, FSC established a Working Group to guide the review and revision process that aims to create a multiple-site standard covering both group and multi-site organizations.

Accreditation standard for Chain of Custody evaluations

The revision of the Accreditation standard incorporates changes in the requirements for evaluations of CoC Multi-site and Group certificates and for Controlled Wood.

Procedure for the Development and Revision of FSC Normative Documents

In July 2011 a Working Group was established to guide the revision process of this procedure, responding to FSC Membership Motions of the General Assembly in 2008 and 2011.

Advice note on Access to Information regarding Species and Origin of Timber

In early 2012, following a mandate of the FSC Board of Directors, FSC initiated an updating process of its standards to ensure harmonization with the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) and other timber legality legislations such as the US Lacey Act and FLEGT.

Advice note on Minor Components

This Advice note was  drafted to provide clear requirements and timelines for the termination of minor components exemptions and to harmonise with existing timber legality legislation.

Advice note on Non-conforming Products

FSC has developed an Advice Note on non-conforming products.

Policy for Labeling Community and SLIMF Products

FSC has developed an Advice Note for using a special label to differentiate products originating from FSC certified community and small or community producers around the globe.

Plantations review

The Forest Stewardship Council provides a forum to bring divergent perspectives together and strengthen the global standard for responsible management of plantations.

Group Certification

In 2005 FSC identified the need to start a review process of the Group Forest Management Policy in order to incorporate streamlined requirements for both, forest managers and certification bodies.

National Standard Development

Development and approval of national and regional Forest Stewardship Standards has been transfered from Accreditation Services International to the FSC Policy and Standards Program.

Advice Note on Splitting MU's

An Advice Note was developed on Certification of Management Units (MUs) with areas converted from natural forest to plantations after 1994.

HCV Common guidance

Over the past couple of years FSC has been working with others to provide Guidance on the High Conservation Value (HCV) concept with a focus on forests.

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