Group and Multi-site Chain of Custody standards


FSC has designed Group Chain of Custody (CoC) certification standards to make CoC certification accessible to small operations for which individual CoC certification may be too costly. The Group Chain of Custody Policy FSC-POL-40-002 was first published in July 2002 and underwent a revision in September 2004.

The FSC standard for Multi-site Chain of Custody certification FSC-STD-40-003 was developed for larger companies operating at multiple locations and was published in 2007.

Both, group and multi-site CoC certification, allows Certification Bodies to evaluate participating operations or sites based on samples in recognition of existing common, centrally administered and monitored control and reporting systems.

In September 2011, FSC established a Working Group to guide the review and revision process that aims to create a multiple-site standard covering both group and multi-site organizations.

The first revised draft of the merged group and multi-site standard was publicly consulted between mid February and mid April, 2012. The second public consultation round was closed on April 2, 2013.


The development process is closed. 


The key objective of merging both normative documents is to contribute to the simplification and overall consistency of the FSC Normative Framework.


The standard was approved by the FSC Board in July 2014 and published in September 2014. 

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