Group Certification


In 2005 FSC identified the need to start a review process of the Group Forest Management Policy in order to incorporate streamlined requirements for both, forest managers and certification bodies.

In November 2008, a new draft standard for Group Forest Managers (FSC-STD 30-005) was published for comment. FSC held pilot tests in early 2009 in order to assess the applicability of the proposed requirements in different geographic, environmental and social conditions. The final draft incorporates feedback from these processes and is out for consultation.

About the document

The final draft of "FSC-STD-30-005 EN FSC standard for group entities in forest management groups" incorporates the following key aspects:

  • Classification of types of forest management groups with two main objectives: 1. Facilitate the application of different models regarding division of responsibilities between the group entity and the group members 2.Define internal monitoring requirements according to group types
  • Removal of any limitation on individual member size (10 000 hectares limit)
  • Restrictions to cross border groups to specific situations with homogeneous conditions
  • Requirement for the group entity to have a public commitment to FSC
  • Introduction of a landscape approach to implement certain FSC P&C requirements
  • Inclusion of internal monitoring criteria and requirements
  • Internal monitoring sampling according to group type
  • Clause to include training as a responsibility of the group entity (restricted to implementation of the P&C)
  • Clause that requires a protocol for FSC sales in order to ensure credibility of the chain of custody


The review and revision process is completed.

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