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Plantation management is a critical issue for the world's forests. Whether viewed as a sustainable fibre supply, a carbon sink, a means for taking pressure off native forests, or a chemical-dependent tree farming method, plantations are controversial and often divisive. The Forest Stewardship Council provides a forum to bring these divergent perspectives together and strengthen the global standard for responsible management of plantations.

More than 7 million hectares of plantations and 30 million hectares of mixed forest have been certified to FSC standards. FSC recognizes that the implementation of the FSC Principles and Criteria for plantation management is open to a range of interpretations and can be controversial. FSC members have agreed that FSC's experience with plantations must be reviewed to further improve global management of plantations.

FSC is reviewing the implementation of the FSC Principles and Criteria in plantations. We invite you to become involved in this review and to visit the news section regularly to read about the latest developments on the review process.


1) Integrated Pest Management Guide

Expert Team C of the Technical Phase of the Plantations Review completed a Guide to integrated pest, disease and weed management in FSC certified forests and plantations.

This guide provides a generic framework for Integrated Pest, Disease and Weed Management (IPM) on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified estates, which may include indigenous forests and plantations. The guide contributes to the implementation of the FSC Pesticides Policy, the core elements of which are: a) The identification and avoidance of 'highly hazardous' pesticides – use of which is only possible in exceptional circumstances; b) Promotion of ‘non-chemical’ methods of pest management; c) Appropriate use of any pesticides that are applied. The guide can be downloaded here:

Integrated Pest Management Guide

2) Final Report on FSC Conversion Policy

The final report by Expert Team D of the Technical Phase of the Plantations Review on FSC´s conversion policy is now available.

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the conversion issue and a proposal for a new approach to conversion. The proposed report was published for consultation in September 2009. The report and stakeholder comments were taken into account by the P&C Review Working Group at its meeting in early October 2009. Based on the stakeholder feedback the Working Group developed a proposal for a revision of Criterion 6.10 and Criterion 10.9 of the Principles and Criteria. The final report can be downloaded here:

Final Report of Expert Team D

For further information please visit the Principles and Criteria Review section.


  • To engage social, environmental and economic stakeholders in an international review of the implementation of the FSC Principles and Criteria in plantations, and to provide clear guidance for their future implementation, with the broad support of the FSC membership;
  • To provide for the benefit of the global community, clear, authoritative and widely accepted social and environmental standards for responsible plantation management.

Documents under consultation

Currently no documents are under consultation.


The plantations review website offers comprehensive information on the review process including key documents, an overview of the history of the review process and FAQ.

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