Scale, Intensity and Risk (SIR) Guideline for Standard Developers (FSC-GUI-60-002 V1-0)

Status: SIR Guideline is approved at the 23rd March 2016


Title: Scale, Intensity and Risk (SIR) Guideline for Standard Developers
Code: FSC-GUI-60-002 V1-0
Type: Guideline
Coordinator: Dr. Pasi Miettinen (
Start Date: 1 February 2016
Purpose: This guideline is intended for use by Standard Development Groups in developing, revising and transferring National Forest Stewardship Standards and by Certification Bodies in developing Interim National Standards (former 'CB standards'). Collectively, Standard Development Groups and Certification Bodies are referred to as ‘Standard Developers’.
Objective(s): The objectives of this guideline are to provide a generic framework for Standard Developers to:
  • Address Scale, Intensity and Risk (SIR) in developing National and Interim National Standards;
  • Clarify that SIR is primarily related to the impact of management activities; and
  • Provide an analysis in the SIR Matrix of how SIR applies to each Criterion.
Working Group: The International Generic Indicator (IGI) working group initiated the process, but the first and the second draft were developed with several stakeholder groups.


Date Activity
23 March 2016
FSC approves the new SIR Guideline Read SIR Guideline
1 February 2016
V1-0 Draft 2 of the SIR Guideline is published and sent for approval process Read draft
29 January 2016
The coordinator publishes a synopsis of the valid comments which includes an analysis of the range of stakeholder groups who have submitted comments, a summary of the issues raised and a general response to the comments and an indication as to how the issues raised were addressed. Read synopsis
1 December 2015
Draft Version 1 of the Scale, Intensity and Risk (SIR) Guideline for Standard Developers (FSC-GUI-60-002) is sent for public consultation. Read draft on 1 December
1 December 2015 to 15 January 2016
45-day public consultation opens. If after the first round of public consultation there are substantive, unresolved issues, a second round shall be required. Download comment form on 1 December
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