Status: Consultation Open

FSC International invites your participation in the second public consultation of the revised two procedures used to implement the FSC Policy for Association (PfA): the PfA Due Diligence Procedure and the PfA Evaluation Procedure.

Documents under consultation

1. FSC-PRO-10-004 Due Diligence Evaluation for Association with FSC
Under this procedure, organizations seeking to associate with FSC are screened for compliance with the PfA. Its purpose is to minimize the risk to FSC of establishing an association with an organization in violation of the PfA.

2. FSC-PRO-01-009 Procedure for Evaluating Compliance with the FSC Policy for Association
Potential violations to the PfA are investigated and addressed according to this procedure (currently called the PfA Complaints Procedure).

Consultation period

18 January 2017 to 03 March 2017

Webinars available see here

Target group

All stakeholders are encouraged to participate in this consultation

Consultation objectives

1. Strengthen the process for screening applicants prior to their association with FSC by:

  • implementing a risk-based approach to screen applicants;
  • expanding the self declaration to be a detailed self-assessment, and with disclosure requirements;
  • adding crowd-source information-gathering through stakeholder consultation; and
  • including a procedure for applicant FSC members in addition to certificate holders.

2. Streamline the process for evaluating allegations of possible PfA violations by:

  • expanding the procedure to enable FSC to proactively evaluate allegations of a PfA violation;
  • allowing FSC the opportunity to attempt to resolve an issue without initiating a formal complaints process once a complaint has been filed;
  • establishing a permanent chamber-balanced evaluation panel, and appointing an expert investigator(s), assigned on an ad-hoc basis to investigate the case;
  • expanding the possible consequences of a PfA violation to include probation; and
  • including a process for ending a disassociation.

How to respond

Please complete and submit this Comment Form to Karen Steer at k.steer at fsc point org. Please contact Karen for more information or if you would like to share your perspectives verbally.

Supporting Documents

1. Consultation Announcement

2. Revised draft FSC Policy for Association
The revised draft PfA has completed has completed two phases of public consultation and the final version is currently undergoing internal review. It is provided here for reference purposes only.

3. Stakeholder’s Guide to the PfA
An overview and explanation of the key elements of the PfA normative framework. A summary of the proposed changes to the procedures is also provided.

4. Current version of FSC-PRO-10-004 (an internal procedure)

5. Current version of FSC-PRO-01-009

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