Due diligence evaluation for the association with FSC (FSC-PRO-10-004)

Status: Consultation Closed


Title: Due diligence evaluation for the association with FSC
Code: FSC-PRO-10-004
Type: Procedure
Coordinator: Karen Steer
Start Date: 8 June 2015
Purpose: To screen organizations for compliance with the FSC Policy for Association prior to their association with FSC and on an ongoing basis.
Objective(s): To prevent organizations in breach of the FSC Policy for Association from associating with FSC and to form the basis for monitoring and evaluating activities.
Working Group: Environmental Chamber
Danielle van Oijen, Greenpeace (Netherlands)
Kanitha Krishnasamy, Individual member and TRAFFIC Southeast Asia Program Manager (Malaysia)

Social Chamber
Alan Smith, Individual member (Germany)
Maria Tysiachniouk, Center for Independent Social Research (Russia)

Economic Chamber
Ryan Dahl, International Paper (USA)
Lineu Siqueira Jr, Individual member (Brazil)

Certification Body
Gerrit Marais, SGS/South Africa

Network Partner
Vivian Peachey and Francois Dufresne, FSC Canada

Frank Katto


Date Activity
April 2014
The FSC Policy for Association working group is tasked with advising and providing content related to the revision of the Due Diligence Procedure. Read Terms of Reference
8 June 2015
Draft Version 1 of the Due diligence evaluation for the association with FSC (FSC-PRO-10-004) is published.
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8 June 2015
60-day public consultation opens. If after the first round of public consultation there are substantive, unresolved issues, a second round shall be required.
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7 Aug 2015
Consultation on FSC Policy for Association drafts extended to 13 September 2015
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13 Aug 2015
To better share information on the changes being proposed to these core documents, a recorded webinar will be made available to stakeholders.
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3 Sep 2015
FSC stakeholders are also invited to participate in a one-hour call-in meeting with FSC International staff and ask questions that will help inform the consultation process of the Policy for Association drafts.
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