Pesticide Derogation Procedure (FSC-PRO-30-001)

Status: Approved and published


Title: Pesticide Derogation Procedure
Code: FSC-PRO-30-001
Type: Procedure
Coordinator: Maria Melero
Effective Date: 1 Sep 2015
Purpose: To provide a clear procedure for the evaluation of requests for derogation as requested by the FSC Pesticides Policy.
Objective(s): To ensure that applications for derogations to the FSC Pesticides Policy are handled transparently, consistently, efficiently, timely and in compliance with the FSC Pesticides Policy.


Date Activity
Nov-Dec 2010 60-day consultation period of draft 1 N/A
June 2010 GA Motion 2011:23 asks for enabling national offices to process derogation applications Read Motion 23
Mar-Apr 2014 60-day consultation period of draft 2 Read synopsis
May 2014 Document presented to the FSC Policy and Standards Committee (PSC) for approval. The PSC requested the establishment of clear criteria for the decision making of renewal of derogations N/A
Feb 2015 Approved by FSC Policy and Standards Committee (PSC) N/A
Mar 2015 Approved by the FSC Board of Directors
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