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FSC-STD-60-002 National Standards


A potential client has 7 FMUs. Six of them are in the region where the Great Lakes St-Lawrence Standard would apply. One FMU is in the same region but because of the altitude the forest type changes and it falls into the Boreal forest type where the Boreal Standard would normally apply.

The client wants to have only one certificate. Since 90% (6 FMUs) fall under the Great Lakes St-Lawrence Standard, would it be OK to include the remaining FMU under the same standard since it represents only 10 % of the whole territory?

Normative ReferenceFSC-STD-60-002
Requirement(s)Sections 1, 9.
PublishedTuesday, 10. April 2012


No, it is not possible to audit the remaining FMU against the same standard as the rest of FMUs. Each FMU shall be evaluated according to the applicable standards. There can still be one certificate provided it is clear which standard has been used to evaluate every FMU.

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