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200,025,086 ha certified
38,333 CoC certificates
1,639 FM/CoC certificates

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Why should I choose FSC?
The environmental, social, and commercial reasons to buy FSC

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It is a logo recognized across the planet, a symbol of the world’s most respected forest certification scheme. The FSC label (that features the logo) indicates that any product carrying it has been produced using sustainable forest materials from FSC-certified manufacturers and forest owners.

It is what makes buying an FSC-certified product such a powerful statement: forests are for all forever.

Always look for the FSC logo

The FSC checkmark logo is a guarantee that every company involved in the manufacture of the product uses wood from sustainable sources; helping conserve and protect forests, wildlife, and people.

No illegal logging, no human rights abuses, and no unregulated production practices, all while protecting forest animal habitats.

You’ll find the FSC logo on an ever-growing assortment of products around the world – from toilet tissue to cricket bats.

Where can I buy FSC-certified products?

New FSC-certified products hit the market every day. There are two simple ways to find and purchase FSC-certified products.

1. Ask your retailer

A wide range of retailers carry FSC-certified products. Many online stores will show all FSC-certified products if you simply search for ‘FSC’ on the retailer’s website. Alternatively, ask in-store and look out for the distinctive FSC checkmark logo.

You can also do your bit to help by letting retailers know you’re interested in FSC-certified products. By asking for FSC labelling, you’re voting with your feet and showing retailers the powerful consumer demand for responsibly sourced products.

2. Contact FSC

You can contact your local FSC representative to find out where to buy FSC-certified products in your region. Contact your local FSC office.

What are the benefits of our work?

FSC is an independent not-for-profit organization that helps to guarantee the future of the world’s forests for people, animals, and businesses.

Much of the global economy relies on wood and forest products, so we make sure that resource (the world’s forests) is used in a controlled, responsible manner that allows trade to continue without disrupting the natural environment.

Read more about the social, environmental, and commercial benefits of FSC certification.

What others have to say

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