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What is Made with Heart?
There’s a special recipe behind each and every Made with Heart product

© FSC GD - Arturo Escobar

There is a story behind every FSC-certified product. But the stories behind products produced by small and community producers are extra special.

You could say they are ‘made with heart’. Around the world there are families, small communities, and some Indigenous Peoples working hard to manage their local forests responsibly and produce goods.

So what makes these small and community producers different to larger organizations? Firstly, they have the challenge of only being able to produce much smaller volumes, making it difficult to attract buyers. Secondly, these communities rely on the forests for their livelihood.

It’s important we honour this, which is why FSC-certified product labels now differentiate between products from mass industrial operations and products from small and community producers. 

To help these groups distinguish themselves and their products in stores, FSC shares their unique stories through the Made with Heart campaign and logo. Through Made with Heart, we help to tell the story behind the product – connecting your earth-smart choices and the real stories of the people who make these products.

When you’re next shopping, look out for the Made with Heart logo and if you’re not seeing enough of it, why not ask your local retailers if they would consider featuring such products within their stores? Each purchase contributes to a more sustainable future for us all.