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FSC-STD-CAM-01-2010 Cameroon Community and SLIMF ENFSC Forest Stewardship Standard for Cameroon Community Forests and SLIMFs

FSC-STD-CAM-01-2010 Cameroon Community and SLIMF EN

Type:National Standard (NS)
Effective Date:Wednesday, 1 December 2010
Keywords:Cameroon, Standard, National, Stewardship, Forest, Community, SLIMF, STD-CAM

The present document contains certification requirements for small forest operations in Cameroon, developed in accordance with FSC’s normative document for the development and maintenance of Forest Stewardship Standards. It also includes the standard for Small and Low Intensity Managed Forests. Revisions of Forest Stewardship Standards are ongoing, and all existing standards will be transferred to the revised Principles & Criteria version 5-2. All standards are valid until replaced by a new Forest Stewardship Standard.

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