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FSC-STD-60-004 V1-0 EN International Generic IndicatorsInternational Generic Indicators

FSC-STD-60-004 V1-0 EN International Generic Indicators

Type:Standard (STD)
Version 1-0 Date:Sunday, 1 March 2015
Effective Date:Tuesday, 1 September 2015
Planned Year of Review:2019
Keywords:std-60-004, standard, igi

The IGI are a set of indicators that address each normative element of each Criterion in the FSC Principles & Criteria Version 5-1 (P&C V5-1). They are the common starting point for the development and transfer of all Regional and National Forest Stewardship Standards in the FSC system, including Interim National Standards.
The IGI are designed to be adaptable at the regional or national level. The rules for this adaptation are defined in the Standard FSC-STD-60-002 (Structure and Content of National Forest Stewardship Standards) and in the Procedure FSC-PRO-60-006 (Development and Transfer of National Forest Stewardship Standards to the FSC Principles and Criteria Version 5-1).

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