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Did you know that FSC can help you find and engage more effectively with consumers?

Learn how FSC can help businesses target significant untapped global demand for sustainably-sourced products, free from deforestation.

Join us on 29 May or 6 June to find out more.

Consumers have high expectations that the forest products they buy are sourced responsibly and free from deforestation. In fact, global research recently conducted by FSC and GlobeScan indicates that this was one of the most important factors affecting the purchasing decisions of consumers worldwide.

However, despite these expectations, the research uncovered a significant trust gap. Whilst 79% of consumers expect companies to ensure that the products they sell do not contribute to deforestation, only a quarter (26%) have a lot of confidence that businesses will protect forests.

The research uncovers some crucial findings to help businesses in relevant sectors close the gap to find and attract consumers who are likely to purchase certified materials.

FSC and GlobeScan will be hosting a series of webinars to discuss their findings and to showcase the experiences of various business leaders to benefit you and your business!

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