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202,259,301 ha certified
35,160 CoC certificates
1,596 FM/CoC certificates

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Business Tools
The ultimate business toolkit

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You’ve made a commitment to forests – and you’re not alone. This is a collaborative network of individuals, communities and businesses who want to take care of forests worldwide.

There are a whole host of tools available to help you find answers to important questions, offer insight into particular issues, and equip you with the materials you need to maintain and promote the work you’re doing to responsibly manage forests or supply chain operations.

Certificate Holder Welcome Kit

How to promote your certification, stay informed, and connect with the global FSC network.

Certificate Database

The go-to place for certificate enquiries and status updates.

Marketing Toolkit

The campaign materials, guidelines, and inspiration you need to create your own communications around FSC.

Made with Heart

Discover the unique stories behind Made with Heart products.

Certifying Small Forests

A how-to guide for forest managers – often known as smallholders or small and community producers – on how to practice low-intensity forest management.

Market Information

Want to find out what was achieved by FSC in your country last year? Check out the annual review. Questions about trademarks? From guides to fact sheets, all of the market information you need is ready and waiting for you.

Online Claims Platform

As products move through the supply chain, their progress can be tracked through a digital platform connecting FSC-certified suppliers and customers. As a result, claims for FSC-certified products can be confirmed quicker and more accurately by both trading parties.