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199,863,656 ha certified
33,781 CoC certificates
1,558 FM/CoC certificates

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FSC Marketplace
Connecting businesses throughout the global supply chain

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Whether you’re a buyer, trader or seller, the free online platform FSC Marketplace is your one-stop shop for FSC-certified products – making it easier for you to source materials vital to your business.

Worldwide, more and more retailers are choosing FSC-certified products as part of their portfolio. From community forest owners in Tanzania to furniture makers in China, FSC Marketplace strengthens networks by bringing together buyers, suppliers and traders in one place.

Whatever sector you are in – paper, construction, retail or packaging – you can find the FSC-certified products and materials you need at FSC Marketplace.

If you are you an FSC certificate holder visit FSC Marketplace to activate your profile and start showcasing your responsibly produced materials and products to the global market.

For more information, contact marketplace@fsc.org.