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Facts & Figures

199,317,276 ha certified
37,800 CoC certificates
1,625 FM/CoC certificates

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How FSC makes an economic impact across the world

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FSC is a global not-for-profit organization that helps take care of the environment and boost the global economy by ensuring responsible management of close to 190 million hectares of the world’s forests.

To see how the work of FSC makes a positive difference in your market, and how FSC-certified organizations in 80 countries benefit from chain of custody, forest management certification, and the universally recognized FSC labels, read the FSC Market Info Pack.

Consumer demand for sustainable, ethically sourced wood and forest products is increasing. Today, sustainability is no longer an option, it is a basic requirement.

WWF Report

FSC certification is about taking care of the environment, but it also means economic success: a recent WWF report found many forest owners and managers make more money per cubic metre of wood once they start certifying their forest operation.

What FSC certificate holders really think

The FSC Global Market Survey Report 2016 is the most complete view of what FSC certificate holders have to say about FSC certification and their needs. Read it now to see why nearly 8 out of 10 of certificate holders surveyed believe FSC is a credible organization.

From Forest to Consumer

FSC’s work to expand its impact and increase its market value includes efforts to better position the FSC brand and get a wider selection of FSC-certified products into the marketplace. Click here to read more!

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