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199,966,517 ha certified
38,542 CoC certificates
1,638 FM/CoC certificates

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A mark of trust to be used with care

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Seen on thousands of product labels around the world, the FSC trademarks – most recognizably the famous ‘check-mark and tree’ logo – are a trusted sign of responsible use of the planet’s forest resources.

To maintain this trust, use of the FSC logo is carefully controlled to ensure consistency and correct implementation.

FSC owns five registered trademarks that you will see on wood and other forest products across the world

The ‘check-mark and tree’ logo

The initials ‘FSC’

The Forests For All Forever brandmark (with silhouettes)

The Forests For All Forever brandmark (without silhouettes)

The name ‘Forest Stewardship Council’

Any organization with a valid FSC certificate is, with authorization, allowed to use one or all of these FSC trademarks – identifying that your products have been produced using material from responsible sources.

If you already hold FSC certification and want more information about using these trademarks, contact your certification body. If you are not certified, you’ll need to contact your local FSC trademark service provider – FSC representatives who act as trademark guardians and administer logo authorization and use.

Please also note that FSC membership does not automatically allow use of the FSC logo.

Which category are you?

If you are an organization or individual looking to use the FSC trademarks and logos, you’ll belong to one of three categories:

If you are in forest management, manufacturing, printing, or trading, you need to be FSC certified in order to use FSC logos on your products. FSC certificate holders:

  • are the only users who can apply the FSC label to products;
  • may include the FSC logo on sales and promotional materials, showing their sustainable credentials to buyers;
  • have access to the official online label generator that creates on-product labels in over 50 languages, and an online marketing toolkit providing ideas for promoting certification and certified products;
  • should contact their certification body for more information and for trademark approval.

If you are a retailer selling FSC-certified products, or another organization that uses FSC-certified products in your operations but doesn’t need FSC certification itself, you:

Media, academia, and other public institutions:

  • are only allowed informational use of FSC trademarks;
  • can incorporate the logo into articles that discuss FSC, research etc.;
  • must register with their local FSC trademark service provider and obtain pre-approval for each use.


We take any report of FSC trademark misuse with the utmost seriousness. If you think an organization or individual is using FSC trademarks illegitimately or incorrectly, please report it immediately.

How to check authorization

Authorized trademark users have a unique licence code for identification. You can:

Read our guide

Using the FSC trademarks: check out the Trademark Quick Guide.

  • Trademark quick guide for Certificate Holders_English
    Trademark quick guide for Certificate Holders_English