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200,861,359 ha certified
34,262 CoC certificates
1,577 FM/CoC certificates

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What to do once you’re FSC certified

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If your organization is FSC certified, you’re ready to reap the benefits of committing to responsibly sourced forest materials.

Using the FSC logos and brandmarks brings real business and environmental advantages, not least driving purchases, boosting buyer confidence, and helping protect the environment.

But if you’re unsure of how to get started using the globally recognized FSC checkmark logo and on-product labels, the three resources below will help you take the first steps to adding FSC trademarks to your marketing materials, products, and product packaging.

There is also an online training course for certificate holders, accessible via the trademark portal. An online marketing toolkit containing ideas for promoting your FSC certification and FSC-certified products is also available.

The FSC Trademark Standard Document

This easy-to-use document contains all the information you need about the requirements for the use of FSC trademarks. But if you only need guidance on the dos and don’ts of using the checkmark-and-tree logo, take a look at the quick-and-easy guides below.

Trademark Quick Guide for Certificate Holders

This guide provides visual examples to help you, the trademark licence holder, understand and implement and follow the trademark usage rules.

FAQ on Trademark Use For FSC certificate holders

If the Quick Guide doesn’t answer your questions, this FAQ document should be next on your list. All frequently asked questions about correct use of FSC trademarks are answered in this document.

These documents are available in English, simplified Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

If you have any questions not answered by the Quick Guide, the FAQ, or the full FSC standards document, please contact your certification body for further assistance.