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200,025,086 ha certified
38,333 CoC certificates
1,639 FM/CoC certificates

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Protecting FSC trademarks
FSC trademarks provide a guarantee to consumers that the products they buy come from well-managed forests, controlled sources or recycling

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Protecting the FSC trademarks from misuse maintains the integrity of the FSC system and ensures that those who have invested time and resources in responsible forest management and production are properly identified and rewarded.

Illicit use and misuse of the FSC trademarks undermines those efforts.

FSC trademarks may only be used by organizations or individuals that have obtained authorization, and use must be in compliance with FSC’s trademark standards and guidelines.

The FSC trademarks are the intellectual property of the FSC and we take their protection and enforcement very seriously.

We have developed a trademark protection strategy, which aims to identify anyone infringing our intellectual property rights and take legal action against them. If you think that the FSC trademarks are being misused, please report it immediately.

How to report a trademark misuse

1. Check validity of license code
Find the FSC license code (in the form FSC-C000000), located at the base of the FSC logo. Enter this in the FSC License Code field of the FSC certificate database.

2. Collect evidence
If the FSC license code is invalid, or if it applies to a different product category, make a copy of the misuse and make a note of where you found it, the date you found it, and any contact information for the source of the misuse. If the misuse is an advertisement, please take a copy of the advertisement as well as the front cover of the publication. Electronic copies are preferred wherever possible.

3. Contact FSC

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