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200,196,830 ha certified
33,865 CoC certificates
1,546 FM/CoC certificates

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Responsibility guaranteed: in the forest and throughout the supply chain

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It is important to know that forest products have been produced and handled responsibly throughout the entire journey from forest to consumer. That’s why FSC offers different certifications covering the different demands of forest and supply chain management respectively.

  • Forest management certification: awarded to forest owners and managers whose operations and processes meet FSC standards.
  • Chain of custody certification: applies to businesses that manufacture or sell forest products. It confirms that FSC-certified material is handled and tracked correctly throughout the entire supply chain.

If you own or manage a small or low-intensity managed forest, or SLIMF, and are in interested in certification, we understand you may find the standard assessment process too complex or expensive. In this instance, you may qualify for streamlined auditing procedures. Find out if you’re eligible for SLIMF.