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Dear FSC International Members,
as you may know, the revamped FSC International Members’ Portal was launched at the end of 2019. One of the portal’s most essential tools, the Motions Platform, opened on January 2020, ready to receive submissions.

We know that every member has valuable expertise and input to provide to this process. We can only achieve true democratic collaboration and create a robust motions process when all voices are heard. This means that we need all our members to participate on the available platforms, whether it’s the Members’ Portal or the regional webinars.

The deadline to submit motions (31 March 2020) is approaching, and we need most of our members to be up to date with the latest development. This can only be achieved if members participate actively on our Members’ Portal, Motions Platform, and other ongoing activities.

You will need to activate your account and set up a new password to access the new Portal. Please note that the old portal is no longer valid, and the new Portal’s address is members.fsc.org.

In order to gain access, you need to open the e-mail with your exclusive access link, which we will resend on 26 of March. We have already sent several reminders, so you can also gain access with the link that was sent to you in those prior e-mails.

You just need to click on the activation link in that e-mail to enter your new password and start using the Portal.

Do you have further questions?

Please contact us at mp.help@fsc.org if you have any question related to the new Members’ Portal.

For queries related to your membership status, contact membership@fsc.org.