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200,750,275 ha certified
34,490 CoC certificates
1,584 FM/CoC certificates

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Stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on drafts for the revision of the two accreditation standards relevant for the audit of controlled wood (CW) activities.

The standards are being revised so that their requirements are aligned with changes to CW normative documents that have resulted from the current revision of the CW system.

The draft standards under consultation, and the main proposed changes to them, are as follows:

FSC-STD-20-011 FSC Accreditation standard for chain of custody (CoC) evaluations*

  • Certification bodies are to conduct stakeholder consultation during the certification process for the CW–CoC standard (FSC-STD-40-005)
  • Certification bodies are required to publish a report of the certification process on the FSC database

* Please note that the CW revision overlaps the CoC-related revision of this standard which has involved 2 rounds of consultation. Therefore, FSC is requesting stakeholders to comment only on the CW-related sections of this standard, to be incorporated into the changes made during ongoing CoC revision process.

FSC-STD-20-012 Evaluation of FSC CW at management unit level

  • The structure and wording of this standard has been adapted to the revised version of the CW-forest management standard (FSC-STD-30-010). The consistency of other normative documents indispensable to its use will be improved.
  • Requirements for the development of indicators for FSC-STD-30-010 have been added.

The draft documents are available for download below. The consultation, which will be carried out in English, will last for sixty (60) days.

FSC kindly invites stakeholders to provide comments on the proposed changes to the documents in the form which can be downloaded below.

Please submit your form to Darren Brown at d.brown@fsc.org.

The deadline for comments is 20 August 2014.

A Controlled Wood Strategy

FSC has announced the future development of a formal strategy for Controlled Wood to outline the scope and goals of the system for the next 10 years. Read more!

Get Involved!

Now in high gear, the Controlled Wood revision process offers many opportunities for your participation – including two rounds of stakeholder consultation on the standard drafts.

Got Feedback?

Contact Joanna Nowakowska at j.nowakowska@fsc.org.