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Webinar: Consultation on the PfA Due Diligence and Evaluation Procedures
The first public consultation is underway on the draft procedures used to put the FSC Policy for Association (PfA) into action: The PfA Due Diligence Procedure and the PfA Evaluation Procedure. The consultation closes on 16 December.

To facilitate meaningful stakeholder engagement, FSC International is hosting interactive webinars on the following dates:

  • English: 28 November, 2pm-3pm (CET/UTC+1) - Webinar in English available here
  • Spanish: 29 November, 3pm-4pm (CET/UTC+1) - Webinar in Spanish available here
  • English: 5 December, 4pm-5pm (CET/UTC+1)

Topics to be covered include:

  • The purpose of the PfA Due Diligence Procedure and PfA Evaluation Procedure, and their
  • role within the broader PfA Normative Framework
  • Key changes proposed to both procedures
  • Next steps and other updates on the revision of the PfA and both procedures
  • Most importantly, dialogue on any questions or comments you share

All information related to the PfA revision can be found on the PfA webpage including drafts of both procedures, a Stakeholders Guide to the PfA, and a reference draft of the PfA. A recording of the webinar will also be placed on the PfA webpage on 28 November for those of you not able to attend the live session.

Download the Webinars here

Many thanks for all you support in ensuring that this core FSC policy achieves its intended impact and contributes to the success of FSC's mission.