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FSC Re-Examines the 1994 Rule for Plantations


Title: FSC Re-examines the 1994 Rule for Plantations
Code: N/A
Type: Proposal
Coordinator: Pasi Miettinen
Start date: 10 May 2016
Purpose: Following the passage of Motion 12 at the 2014 General Assembly in Seville, Spain – which called for a process to consider the challenges and opportunities for plantation restoration and conversion – a chamber-balanced working group has drafted a proposal for potential solutions.
Objective(s): We encourage all stakeholders to participate in the consultation, and to provide their opinions and ideas. We are particularly keen to have suggestions for auditable indicators and operational procedures for implementation. When the consultation is closed, the working group will revise the draft proposal based on the feedback. The revised version will again be opened for public consultation, before being ultimately finalized and presented to the FSC Board of Directors, before it is voted on by the FSC membership.
Working group:
  • Aditya Bayunanda, WWF Indonesia, environmental South,
  • Alvaro Cabrera, individual member, social South,
  • John Palmer, individual member, environmental North,
  • Aisyah Sileuw, individual member, social South,
  • Lineu Siqueira, individual member, economic South,
  • Stuart Valintine, individual member, economic South


Date Activity Link
10 May 2016 to 11 July 2016 Proposal open for public consultation Read proposal to re-examine the 1994 Rule for Plantations