The Forest Stewardship Council is dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide.

Change our Fiberboards

Change Our FiberboardsChange Our Fiberboards

Change Our Fiberboards is about getting forest owners and fiberboard manufacturers to introduce more FSC certified fiberboard into their product ranges to meet the demand for FSC certified materials.



This website is a resource centre for those who are seeking information related to FSC pesticide policy and integrated pest management strategy. All normative documents as well as guides are available.

FSC Friday

FSC FridayFSC Friday

FSC Friday is a global celebration of the world's forests and aims to highlight the importance of responsible forest management.



The Forest Certification for Ecosystem Services (forCES) project examines the changes needed to the FSC system over a four-year period, 2011–2015, if FSC is to become a global leader in the certification of ecosystem services (ES).

In Good Company

In Good CompanyIn Good Company

Consumer trust in the FSC label provides our partners with a compelling tool to create positive change by engaging the power of their markets, as well as allowing their customers to make informed choices about the forest products they buy.

Welcome Kit

Welcome KitWelcome Kit

This portal to the FSC system should be useful to new Certificate Holders as to those with a long-standing history with FSC. It provides the navigation, resources and contacts you need to maximize the benefits of FSC certification.

International Generic Indicators

International Generic IndicatorsInternational Generic Indicators

This website has been created as an information hub containing everything you need to know about the International Generic Indicators (IGIs): their background; why they’re being developed; which FSC Standards and stakeholders they will affect; how they will be implemented; and when.

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