Global Partnership

Recognizing outstanding commitment to FSC's mission

Global Partnership (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.The Global Partnership Program aims to build high profile partnerships that demonstrate outstanding commitment to FSC and our mission.

The Program raises awareness of FSC certification and brings attention to our innovative approaches to environmental, social and economic issues in forest management.

The Global Partnership Program is closely aligned with our Global Strategy objectives to provide leadership in advancing responsible forest management, and to ensure equitable access to the benefits of the FSC system, develop the market for FSC certified products and strengthen our global network.

In 2010 we signed our first global partnership agreement with AkzoNobel. The partnership’s main objectives are to highlight the vital significance of forests and to raise awareness of FSC’s mission to promote responsible forest management worldwide.

As a global leader in sustainability and the largest paints and coatings company worldwide, AkzoNobel is supporting FSC’s outreach efforts by educating customers and helping to drive demand for FSC certified products.

AkzoNobel also committed a contribution of €250,000 over three years to support our social policy work.

This focuses on increasing access to FSC certification for smallholders and community producers of timber and non-timber forest products, and increasing the benefits of FSC certification for these producers through new marketing initiatives.

With AkzoNobel’s support we have been able to initiate a number of projects with smallholders and community producers.

The partnership is being implemented by our Network Partners and AkzoNobel’s brand offices, which are jointly defining and implementing projects and campaigns for increasing consumer awareness and understanding of FSC in their countries.  AkzoNobel is committed to supporting the development of the FSC Network Partners through the partnership.

In 2011, the partnership was launched in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Denmark and Sweden with a diverse range of activities. We plan to expand the partnership’s activities in additional countries including Canada, the Czech Republic, Russia and the USA.

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