Where can I find sustainable public procurement?

There are FSC-certified forests in 81 countries worldwide

In 2014, this meant that 16.6 per cent of all industrial wood harvested globally came from FSC-certified forests. This timber goes to companies in more than 115 countries for processing and trade, so purchasing FSC-certified products is possible on all continents.

Several national offices have published information to assist public procurers in different languages, often also with specific national elements. Select from the list below to view more information:

NL: Overheden & FSC
FR: Les administrations et le FSC
NL: Publicaties
FR: Publications

Byg med FSC
Den offentlige Indkøbsvejledning
Sådan køber og kontrollerer du FSC-certificerede varer

Meldpunt werken met gecertificeerde bedrijven
Borging opdrachtgevers
Digitale kaart aannemers: http://goedhoutproject.nl/bouwbedrijven
FSC handleidingen rond verantwoord hout- of papiergebruik

FSC et la nouvelle politique d'achats publics
Manuel Construire avec du bois FSC de la construction a la realisation
Guide ECOFORAF acheteurs publics – politique d'achats bois responsible


Sustainable Timber Action in Europe

FSC only recommended standard by EPA

Buying FSC-certified products can be done in several ways

Contact one of our national offices to find out if it is possible to purchase FSC-certified materials in your part of the world, or visit the FSC marketplace.

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