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Providing a guarantee to consumers

Trademark & Labeling (© FSC A.C.)© FSC A.C.The FSC trademarks provide a guarantee to consumers that the products they buy come from responsible sources.

The FSC trademarks enable consumers to choose products that support forest conservation, offer social benefits, and enable the market to provide an incentive for better forest management. The FSC trademarks are thus essential to the whole FSC system.

For this reason, FSC has a dedicated Trademark Support Program to provide services for trademark use.

FSC owns three registered trademarks:

  • the initials "FSC®";
  • the name "Forest Stewardship Council®";
  • the "checkmark-and-tree" logo figure 1

It is extremely important to the integrity and credibility of the FSC system that our trademarks are used correctly.

We have developed a comprehensive system for authorizing the use of FSC trademarks and take infringements of our trademarks very seriously. To use any the FSC trademarks, you must obtain authorization.

Authorized trademark users have a unique license code for identification. You can:

Also see "How to use FSC Trademarks" for more info.

If you think that the FSC trademarks are being misused,  please report it immediately.

FSC checkmark-and-tree logo – FSC checkmark-and-tree logo (© FSC<sup>®</sup>)© FSC®FSC checkmark-and-tree logo

Stay Informed!

Download and read the informative fact sheet on FSC Logo & Labels

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