How to use the FSC trademarks

Used in a variety of ways to communicate with different groups

How to use the FSC trademarksThe FSC trademarks may be used in a variety of ways, to communicate with different groups of people for different reasons.

Most obviously, the trademark is used as a label on products, to demonstrate that a specific product was derived from a responsibly managed forest.

Other uses include off-product use, to make claims about the management of a particular area of forest, or on stationary and promotional materials.

Different rules apply to the use of the trademarks, depending on the business activity and the purpose of their use.

Non-Certificate Holders
A non-certificate holder is an organization or individual not eligible for FSC certification but may wish to use the FSC trademarks.

Manufacturers and traders
Are you interested in manufacturing or trading certified products and communicating this to your customers?

Printers and publishers
Would you like to use the FSC trademarks on your print jobs to show that you are printing on FSC certified paper?

Are you involved in end customer sales and interested in promoting FSC certified products on your shelves or in your catalogs?

Forest managers
Do you want to sell FSC certified timber and forest products from your forest?

Are you a member of the media and interested in including the FSC trademarks in your publication to talk about FSC?

FSC Members
FSC membership does not entitle you to use the FSC trademarks. If you wish to promote FSC products or services, please contact your Trademark Service Provider to discuss your needs. If there is no Trademark Service Provider in your country, please contact the FSC Trademark Services Unit trademark at fsc point org.

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