Forest Managers

Forest ManagersOwners and managers of FSC certified forests can use the FSC trademarks to communicate about the quality of their forest management.

This allows you to promote your forest management practices in publications, correspondence and websites, and to highlight your ability to meet the most stringent forest management standards.

The FSC certification body that carried out your forest management certification is responsible for authorizing your use of the FSC trademarks and you should contact them to find out how and where you can use the trademarks.

If you also wish to sell FSC certified products from your forest, you will need chain of custody certification. This will allow you to use the FSC trademarks in association with your products, such as on invoices and in business-to-business or business-to-consumer documents. Where appropriate, you will also be able to use the FSC trademarks on labels on the products themselves.

If you do not have FSC forest management certification, contact a FSC accredited certification body to discuss the benefits, costs and requirements.

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