Non-certificate Holders

A non-certificate holder is an organization or individual who does not have FSC certification but may wish to use the FSC trademarks to:

  • promote FSC labeled products to final consumers;
  • specify or advise the use of FSC products;
  • promote the use of FSC products in their business or activities;
  • promote FSC as a system.

Non-certificate holders include commercial and non-commercial organizations, educational and research institutions, the media, and FSC accredited certification bodies and their partners.

Retailers, holding and parent companies, as well as multi-national companies may all wish to use the FSC trademarks without needing to have FSC certification themselves, and may all be non-certificate holders.

In order to use the FSC trademarks for general or product promotion, the individual or organization needs to sign an FSC trademark license agreement; representatives of the media, educational institutions or research organizations must sign an acknowledgement of receipt of the logo files.

To find out more about using the FSC trademarks and to register as a non-certificate holder, contact your local Trademark Service Provider (TSP) through your FSC National Office. If there is no National Office in your country, please contact trademark at fsc point org.

If you wish to check that a non-certificate holder’s code is valid, visit the non-certificate holder search page, where you can enter the FSC license code to access information about the country of issue and organization authorized to use the trademarks.

How do I check if a non-certificate holder code is valid?

Every non-certificate holder who is authorized to use the FSC trademarks receives a license code, in the form FSC-N000000. This is the user’s identification number.

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