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200,025,086 ha certified
38,333 CoC certificates
1,639 FM/CoC certificates

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European Forest Week
European Forest Week will be held from 9 – 13 December 2013 in Rovaniemi, Finland.


FSC is one of the 15 launching partners who will use the week to promote responsible forest management and raise awareness of forest sector’s contribution to a green economy. The event will be held in parallel with Metsä 2013, the joint session of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) European Forestry Commission.

The European Forest Week will be celebrated with events in Rovaniemi and throughout Europe, highlighting the contribution of forests, forest products and services to a green economy. It will provide a unique communication and outreach opportunity to raise the visibility of the forest sector and the multiple services forests contribute to our daily lives.

Join our Side Event at the European Forest Week! – FSC certification in Scandinavia: Highlighting the social value of forests

The FSC side event will highlight the social value of FSC certification in Scandinavia and present on how FSC forest certification ensures the rights of forest-dependent communities. The Sami, the only indigenous people of Scandinavia, will share their experiences about the role of FSC in the protection of their traditional livelihoods.

When: Thursday 12 December 2013, 10.00 – 11.30.
Where: Room Kuu, Hotel Santa Claus

Provisional Agenda

10.00 – 10.10 Opening words and Welcome – Felix Romero, Regional Director, FSC Europe
10.10 – 10.40 FSC and the Sámi People – impacts and tools from an indigenous perspective; Anders Blom, Chairman,The Protect Sápmi Foundation
10.40 – 11.20 FSC Social Policy: Smallholders, Local Communities and Indigenous people – Vanessa Linforth, Social Policy Manager, FSC International
11.20 – 11.30 Closure

For more information please contact: Laura Paulus, FSC Network Liason Officer l.paulus@fsc.org

Symposium ‘300 years sustainability: naturally looking forward’


This year it’s exactly 300 years ago that the German forest manager Hans Carl von Carlowitz introduced the term sustainability ((“Nachhaltigkeit”). This was during a period in which the European forests were under serious threat because of plundering. Sustainability is a necessary principle to keep forests for future generations, while keeping harvesting timber. In the following centuries Carlowitz’s message has become an inspiration for many forest managers and a thorough recovery of European forests. Since the second half of the last century the term sustainability has become more and more common also in other sectors.

On this background FSC the Netherlands, Staatsbosbeheer and Stichting Probos organize the Symposium ‘300 years sustainability: naturally looking forward’ on the 13nd of December. After an interactive forest excursion speakers with a corporate and ‘green’ background will inform and inspire the visitors.

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