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Celebrate Forests with Us

Every year on the last Friday of September, FSC-certified businesses, FSC members, schools and organizations all around the world host a series of events to support, celebrate and raise awareness of responsible forest management and the role that FSC plays in it. People are invited to look for the FSC logo and consider the sourcing of the products they buy in a creative and entertaining way.

Why do we have FSC Friday?

Every year the threat to our forests increases, in various forms including environmental change and illegal logging.

For over 20 years, FSC has worked to take care of forests and the people, plants, and animal species that depend on them. The FSC label gives assurance that wood, paper, and other forest products have been responsibly sourced from well-managed forests and/or recycled materials.

FSC Friday is about sharing that message, so that more people recognize the role we play and can help us turn the tide against global deforestation.

The latest FSC Friday celebration took place on 28 September 2018. Below you will find an overview of the different ways our local offices, stakeholders and participating schools celebrated the event.

FSC Brazil

© FSC Brazil

FSC Brazil has started a social media campaign

called #EuEscolhoFSC (in English: #IChooseFSC) on FSC Friday. The aim of the campaign is to promote the use of forest products.

© FSC Brazil

The campaign invites everyone to look for the FSC label

and post images of certified products that are part of their daily life while using the hashtag #EuEscolhoFSC. Keep participating in the campaign #EuEscolhoFSC.

FSC Canada

© FSC Canada

FSC Canada asked their stakeholders to help raise awareness by talking about FSC

and their commitment to responsible forestry to their employees or colleagues.

© FSC Canada

Their website suggested different ideas to get the message out:

sending a companywide message explaining what FSC is, sharing forest facts through social media or hosting a lunch for staff to introduce FSC.

The staff of Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries,

a company that owns the largest FSC-certified forest in the world, celebrated FSC Friday by dressing in green, placing posters around the office and posting to social media.

FSC Finland

© FSC Finland

FSC Finland announced the winner of its “Seedling of Responsibility Award”

(Vastuun taimi in Finnish) on FSC Friday.

© FSC Finland

This year, the prize was awarded to Mrs. Silja Keränen

who has highlighted the importance of responsible forestry in Finland through her work as a columnist of a major Finnish newspaper. She is also a smallholder.

The FSC Greater Mekong

The FSC Greater Mekong office worked closely with WWF Thailand, – Tetra Pak Thailand and The Mall Group to organize an event in one of The Mall Group’s supermarkets called “Gourmet Market.”

The FSC Greater Mekong office worked closely with WWF Thailand,

Tetra Pak Thailand and The Mall Group to organize an event in one of The Mall Group’s supermarkets called “Gourmet Market.”

© FSC Greater Mekong

The first 200 customers who purchased TetraPak beverages

received cotton shopping bags from WWF. Tetra Pak Thailand also awarded prizes on Facebook to the best 50 comments.

FSC Italy

© FSC Italy

FSC Italy and IKEA Italy joined forces

and organized a series of events, information areas and workshops for children in 3 stores (Turin, Milan and Padua). Leaflets on IKEA’s use of FSC materials and certified wooden keychains were distributed.

© FSC Italy

In Milan and Padua stores the event was extended to the whole weekend

In these stores areas for children were set up, with do-it-yourself FSC-certified paper toys and other activities.

© FSC Italy

Other companies

such as Tetra Pak Italia, LIDL, Nexive and Sofidel joined the celebrations with a series of posts and articles on their websites.

FSC International

© FSC GD / Arturo Escobar

FSC International celebrated FSC Friday

by collecting waste along the Rhine.

Over the course of an hour, a team of 30 people collected cigarette butts,

beer bottles, and food packing, disposable cutlery and plates made of plastic.

Through this action, we wanted to highlight the problem of global plastic waste

and encourage responsible choices, like FSC-certified packaging, as an alternative to plastic.

FSC Netherlands

FSC Netherlands distributed promotional chocolates and sent 350 postcards

to their stakeholders asking them to spread the word on FSC Friday internally or through their social media channels.

Nationally, FSC Friday was mentioned 250 times through social media

through posts using materials from the FSC Friday Toolkit.

FSC Netherlands also organized two ‘Timber tours’

Specific target group were invited to visit timber yards to discover all aspects and types of FSC-certified tropical timber.

FSC Poland

FSC Poland provided materials to FSC Friday participants

All these tools were used by over 50 stakeholders through events they organized: FSC trainings for employees, informative actions within companies and news.

The company Castorama Polska celebrated FSC Friday for over 2 weeks

with a special contest for customers and over 3000 communications materials displayed in stores.

FSC Portugal

© FSC Portugal

FSC Portugal celebrated FSC Friday with a dinner in a winery

The event gathered bottlers, cork producers, printers and wood companies.

© FSC Portugal

The dinner was a good way to share their experiences

in sustainable business models, promote the use of responsible forest products and highlight the importance of consumers’ choices.

© FSC Portugal

Corks stoppers, cardboard packaging, and wooden barrels,

are some of the products that forests offer, and which should be guaranteed a sustainable provenance.

FSC Russia

© Alexey Karpov/FSC Russia

FSC Russia organized a “Forest for all Forever” photo competition

The result of the photo contest will be announced on 19 October.

© FSC Russia

One of the largest online recruitment companies, HeadHunter,

held a drawing contest about the forest for the children of their employees.

© FSC Russia

Tetra Pak organized a “Where did my Tetra Pak package come from?” tour

in the FSC-certified forest of International Paper, their contractor, for their clients, retailers, and media.

The participants saw what a FSC-certified forest looked like

and planted seedlings.

© FSC Russia

One single school in Moscow managed to engage 700 children

and their teachers for a lesson about forests.

FSC Switzerland

© FSC Switzerland

FSC Switzerland organized a corporate volunteering event

in collaboration with the watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen.

© FSC Switzerland

IWC employees helped to remove fences

in the FSC-certified forest of the city of Schaffhausen. The fences had been placed ten years ago to protect young trees from being grazed by game.

The trees are now big and sturdy enough,

and so the area has been re-opened for game to roam freely.


FSC US wrote a story about FSC Friday

in their monthly newsletter and website and also prepared 3-4 posts on each of their channels.

FSC US engaged with organizations also posting content on social media

– such as WWF, Rainforest Alliance, World Centric and Cooper Enterprises.

The team reached 4,688 engagements

through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


FSC US also participated in the Global Citizen Festival in New York

on Saturday 29 September after FSC Friday and even had a booth. The event helped bring awareness to FSC.