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200,025,086 ha certified
38,333 CoC certificates
1,639 FM/CoC certificates

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The Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) in Bonn 2018 aims to “reignite the flame” to accelerate and mobilize collective action on the ground. GLF will bring together policy leaders, business, civil society, land-use practitioners and the world’s leading scientists to jointly discuss and share knowledge and lessons learned on how to move from commitments to action and develop innovative implementation strategies toward sustainable landscapes. FSC will be participating in several instances:

Landscape Talks

Saturday, December 1st
The role of forest certification in resilient landscapes - WILL BE LIVESTREAMED

How can forest restoration best be incentivized and monitored? Which finance and policy instruments best support integrated approaches and payments for externalities? How can communities and SMEs be connected to financiers and project developers for landscape management and restoration initiatives?

These are questions the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has grappled with for a number of years.

This talk will highlight the lessons we have learned, successes we have celebrated, and how we plan to confront the challenges that still lie ahead.

Our plan is bold and our ambition is as challenging as it is crucial. It will require perspective shifts from political, social, and economic stakeholders. But our forests have no alternative – they need our most creative thinking, our best efforts, and a radical new approach to take their conservation to a new level of impact so that we can preserve Forests For All Forever.

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Opening Plenary - Charter Members Signatory

Saturday, December 1st

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Inclusive Finance and Business Engagement Pavilion

The pavilion will host highly interactive workshops, discussions, and networking events. Meet people from different backgrounds and sectors and engage them in critical conversation on this important topic.

Throughout 1-2 December, 12 highly interactive mini-workshops will be held at the Pavilion. These sessions are all about building relationships and sharing knowledge together. You will hear from and dialogue with indigenous community members, farmers, entrepreneurs, investors, certifiers, researchers and more. 

FSC will be presenting the new Ecosystem Services Procedure at the pavilion on December 1st, 2018, at 16:30. Join us for an engaging session with examples from the ground, followed by an active discussion.

Inclusivity, innovation and investment
How incentives to conserve and restore ecosystem services can contribute to healthy forest landscapes - WILL BE LIVESTREAMED
Saturday, December 1st
16:30 – 17:30

FSC has launched a new certification tool to improve the access of certified forest companies and communities to ecosystem services markets. FSC staff from our global headquarters and our Latin American Regional Office together with partner ETIFOR will present their early experiences with this new tool and discuss business opportunities for financing conservation and responsible forest management.

You can download the session description here.

For the full pavilion agenda, visit this page.

Plenary: Collaborative Leadership

Sunday, December 2nd

HOSTS:  INBAR, Forest Stewardship Council International (FSC), Rare, Agricultural Research for Development (CIRAD), IFOAM-Organics International, Wageningen University & Research, ICIMOD

The agenda is available here.