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Infographic on FSC Certified Carbon Projects launched at COP 18

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Infographic on FSC Certified Carbon Projects
Infographic on FSC Certified Carbon Projects

The infographic compiles facts and figures about FSC use in the field of carbon. The publication will be regularly updated to reflect the growing role of FSC in this sphere.

In particular, it presents facts and figures on the FSC certified forest carbon project including geographical scope, management objectives, applicability of FSC certification and compatibility with other certification schemes, and market uptake.

FSC has developed a Climate Change Engagement Strategy implementing a motion approved at the 2008 General Assembly requiring that FSC explores its potential contribution towards climate change mitigation.

This strategic framework has been elaborated by a dedicated working group which proposed key strategic recommendations to be followed by FSC in the carbon field: make the FSC Principles and Criteria “climate-smart”, promote carbon stewardship in the FSC system and develop corresponding guidelines, explore the feasibility of carbon stocks monitoring in certified forests and make FSC certification more applicable within forest carbon projects.

One of the first steps to achieving this goal was to identify and compile data on FSC certified forest carbon project around the world. A questionnaire was circulated among flagged project developers in order to establish a diagnosis and feed research on current application and potential applicability of FSC certification in forest climate projects.

Please click here to see the Infographic on FSC Certified Carbon Projects.