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Successful Round Table on Pulp, Paper and Wood Products at the GRI Conference

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Successful Round Table on Pulp, Paper and Wood Products at the GRI Conference
Successful Round Table on Pulp, Paper and Wood Products at the GRI Conference

Efforts to improve reporting in the pulp, paper and wood sector took a significant step forward recently when FSC and Bracelpa co-organised an official round table at the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Conference. The discussions proved fruitful and the participants agreed on three main recommendations for GRI.

GRI’s 2013 Global Conference on Sustainability and Reporting took place last week in Amsterdam, on 22–24 May. The event brought together 1600 people from over 80 countries. Participants benefited from the opportunity to listen to almost 200 speakers in over 40 sessions, as well as to interact with each other. The conference also hosted the launch of the new generation of GRI Sustainability Guidelines (G4).

The event hosted a number of targeted sector round tables, designed within an action framework to explore ways to accelerate reporting in different sectors. FSC joined with the Brazilian Pulp and Paper Association (Bracelpa) to co-host an official round table, which brought together people from different organizations and backgrounds. The group participated actively, shared experiences and contributed their insight to the meeting.

Within the round table outcomes, the group developed three main recommendations. Firstly, they stated the need for a sector supplement that takes into account value chains, forests materiality, the analysis of externalities, how to achieve intangible values, and how to make comparability possible. Secondly, they expressed a need for a regional approach that considers the regional context and increases the presence of GRI in countries and regions. And thirdly, they identified a need for harmonization between GRI and certification schemes.

The results of this collective discussion made it clear that FSC and Associations play a fundamental role in continuing discussions and identifying actions in collaboration with GRI.