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FSC in high profile at the 2013 International Ecosystem Services Partnership Conference in Bali

Friday, 6 September 2013

©Kamaluddin Prawiranegara:CIFOR
©Kamaluddin Prawiranegara:CIFOR

On 26–30 August 2013, the 6th International Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) conference took place in Bali, Indonesia. As a major policy-maker on ecosystem services management, FSC alongside the ForCES project team, showcased its work in carbon, water and biodiversity stewardship and monitoring. Future challenges were also outlined by the team, such as the valuation and quantification of ecosystem services in certified forests.

The ESP conference brought together practitioners, educators, policy-makers, researchers and many others. Top of the agenda were ecosystem services and their practical application in planning, management and decision making. The event was also an opportunity for delegates to exchange views on issues relating to ecosystem services as well as news to be developed into potential case studies.

At the conference, FSC took part in a session by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), entitled 'Getting the balance right: challenges in integrating ecosystem services with communities and business'. In this session, Dr. Sini Savilaakso presented early stage challenges in developing monitoring programs in a Forest Certification process for Ecosystem Services (ForCES) project. The presentation has been completed with the cooperation of SNV, the implementing agency of ForCES in Vietnam. During the session, the ForCES team was asked about the project's multi-party approach and whether there were plans to test the applicability of ecosystem services credits. Alison Ketteler, ForCES global project manager, said: "We are considering all options for the project and still have to consult on and test the most promising ones. The first step is to clarify what level of stewardship and monitoring might be involved in ecosystem services for FSC certificate holders."

FSC activities at the event also included an information stand. Visitors were made up of ecosystem services specialists from universities, research centers and governments across the world. Interest and enthusiasm were high and, overall, the event showed that there is still much to learn about ecosystem services.

ForCES was represented at the event by Alison Ketteler and Gregory Jean of FSC, Max Zieren of the United Nations Environment Programme, Sini Savilaakso of CIFOR and Aditya Bayunanda, Dita Ramadhani, Angga Prathama Putra and Afiz Alkadrie from WWF Indonesia. Pak Prabianto from Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs and ForCES International Steering Committee member also attended. The ForCES team will also be represented at the upcoming Conference of the Parties (COP19) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, due to take place in Warsaw, Poland on 11–22 November 2013 – details will be available online soon.

Next year, the ForCES project plans to develop guidance on responsible ecosystem services management and carbon monitoring to be published by FSC. The 2014 International Ecosystem Services Partnership Conference will take place in Costa Rica.

For more information, visit: http://www.espconference.org/ESP_Conference