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FSC highlights the importance of smallholder certification

Friday, 20 September 2013

© Ikuo Ota
© Ikuo Ota

The recent International Joint Conference on ‘Small-scale Forestry’ and ‘Gender and Forestry’ focused on ‘Future Directions for Small-scale and Community-based Forestry’ as its main theme. FSC highlighted the importance of smallholder certification during discussions and its poster presentation; the theoretical background and definitions for these themes were also analyzed and shared at the event.

Two hours were set aside for poster presentations at the conference, during which the presenters and interested participants discussed the studies in detail. FSC presented a poster on ‘FSC’s Modular Approach Program (MAP): a new FSC Program to Provide Systematical Support for Smallholder Certification Applicants’. The presentation generated great interest among the conference participants, who learnt more about the MAP and the Smallholder’s Support Program. FSC also distributed information in the conference foyer, highlighting FSC’s role in recognizing, addressing and supporting smallholder certification.

The conference, held from 8–12 September 2013 in Fukuoka, Japan, was the second meeting about small-scale forestry in Japan, following a meeting in Kyoto in 1997, and the first meeting about gender and forestry for the division units of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO).  


IUFRO is the global network for forest science cooperation. It unites more than 15,000 scientists from almost 700 member organizations in over 110 countries, and is a member of the International Council for Science (ICSU). Scientists cooperate in IUFRO on a voluntary basis. Every five years IUFRO organizes a World Congress with about 2000 participants. The most recent congress was held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, in 2010; the next will be in Salt Lake City, USA, in 2014. Between congresses, approximately 70 regional conferences and meetings are organized by individual IUFRO research units each year, held all over the world.

For more information visit: http://ffpsc.agr.kyushu-u.ac.jp/policy/IUFRO/IUFROF2013.html