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196,518,316 ha certified
36,195 CoC certificates
1,579 FM/CoC certificates

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European initiative to accelerate the responsibly sourced tropical timber market

7 November 2013 · On 6th November, over forty private and public organizations jointly launched the European Sustainable Tropical Timber Coalition (European STTC ). The coalition …
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“Good partners can discuss”: FSC engages with the private sector at ‘In Good Company’

23 October 2013 · ‘In Good Company’ is FSC International’s annual global conference to engage with the private sector. This year’s event, held on October 10–11 in Copenhagen and hosted by FSC Denmark, …
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FSC Friday 2013 celebrated in Latin America

22 October 2013 · This year, FSC Friday was celebrated in Lima, Peru with a two day event entitled ‘Construction, architecture and design with FSC in Peru and Latin America’. The workshop, organized by FSC …
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FSC to celebrate the European Forest Week in December 2013

22 October 2013 · European Forest Week (EFW) will be held from 9–13 December 2013 in Rovaniemi, Finland. FSC is one of the 15 launching partners who will use the week to promote responsible forest management and …
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© FSC A.C - FSC International celebrates FSC Friday 2013

FSC International celebrates FSC Friday 2013

4 October 2013 · FSC Friday is FSC’s annual celebration of responsible forestry. This year it took place in over 30 countries on Friday September 27. FSC International joined the celebrations with a series of …
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FSC certification an essential tool in revitalizing the European timber market

3 October 2013 · The current situation in the European timber and wood products market was the main theme of a two-day international conference held in Helsinki, Finland on 26 –27 September. Felix Romero, FSC …
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In Good Company with FSC

Three weeks to go until FSC’s ‘In Good Company’ event. Join us!

20 September 2013 · ‘In Good Company’ is FSC International’s annual global conference to engage with the private sector. The event brings together FSC’s key business partners, environmental and social …
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FSC highlights the importance of smallholder certification

20 September 2013 · The recent International Joint Conference on ‘Small-scale Forestry’ and ‘Gender and Forestry’ focused on ‘Future Directions for Small-scale and Community-based Forestry’ as its main theme. …
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FSC in high profile at the 2013 International Ecosystem Services Partnership Conference in Bali

6 September 2013 · On 26–30 August 2013, the 6th International Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) conference took place in Bali, Indonesia. As a major policy-maker on ecosystem services management, FSC alongside the …
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Save the Date! – First Iberian FSC Business Encounter

Save the Date! – First Iberian FSC Business Encounter

6 September 2013 · The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is glad to invite you to join the First Iberian FSC Business Encounter in Lisbon, Portugal, on the 21st November 2013.
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